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Genevieve Schaefer is a home birth midwife practicing in central Texas. She finds great pleasure and honor in lovingly helping babies to be born into the arms of their parents in the privacy and comfort of their own homes. Her primary focus is assisting the women she serves in having an informed, supported and empowered childbearing year that includes shared decision-making, emotional support, fitness, nutritional counseling and community.

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Becoming a parent is perhaps the most transformative step that an individual may take in his or her lifetime. It is an honor to work with families as they grow through the profound experiences of pregnancy, birth and newborn care. The midwife’s role through pregnancy is to assess, inform and support her client in the process of becoming a parent to a new child. I achieve this in my practice through partnership with my clients.

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Childbirth classes are an excellent way to access accurate information about labor, birth, post-partum and newborn care. They provide an opportunity for parents to focus on the pregnancy together while making connections with other expectant families. Classes are fun and include hands-on activities, films, and discussions. Guidelines for home birth preparation are provided.

Genevieve also offers a number of other activities and classes for her clients. Learn more about how she fosters a sense of community to insure the physical and emotional well being of her clients.




Water birth has become a popular choice for home birth parents. It has been a great pleasure to assist with water births at home.

Laboring in the water gives the mother tremendous physical relief while promoting emotional calmness and mental clarity. Most babies will birth spontaneously, and the mother or her partner can bring the baby up out of the water. Read more about the many benefits of water birth.


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Find a comprehensive list of online resources both local (Austin, Buda, Dripping Springs, Driftwood, San Marcos and Lockhart, Texas included) and national that Genevieve recommends. These range from local doulas that will help support you and the midwife during your natural labor, information on prenatal herbal remedies, more information about the safety and history of home birth as well as tools for successful breastfeeding and getting help during your postpartum period.

Learn more about what home birth resources Genevieve recommends.



The level of care provided in your global package is unparalleled by any other medical model (like a hospital or birthing center). Midwifery care covers prenatal visits, attendance at your birth, postpartum visits, newborn exams and breastfeeding support. On top of all that, a postpartum doula can be sent to your house to help out after the birth if you need it. All of this and so much more are included in the services Sisters Midwifery will provide to make your birth a safe and beautiful experience.

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Below are some articles about different home birth and natural parenting topics that Genevieve felt her clients might find helpful or interesting.

Midwifery Model of Care – What women should know about the differences between obstetrics care by physicians and holistic care by midwives.

History of Midwifery – Many people think a midwife is an archaic thing of the distant past. Here are the basics of our history-from biblical times to present.

Sensitive Parenting – When raising healthy whole children is the goal: how parenting affects the social development of the child.

Living with Children: The Daily Challenges and Rewards of Homeschooling – About the process of becoming a homeschool family – more than a clean kitchen table is required.

What is it About Homeschooling? – A brief introduction to the homeschooling movement: its varied expressions and allures.




Contact Genevieve Schaefer for more information about home birth services in the Austin, Texas area. Genevieve is a certified professional midwife and has been serving women and their babies in private practice since 2011. The home birth experience is a natural and safe method of welcoming your new baby into this world. It promotes quick bonding with parents and child. Additional benefits include quick establishment of successful nursing and quicker healing for mother. Schedule your first consultation using this online form or contact her directly with the information below.

You can call Genevieve at: 512-658-5628 Or via email: genschaeferaustin (at)

Her central Austin office is located at:
205 Wild Basin Rd Suite 2B
Austin Tx 78746

or now serving Buda, Kyle and San Marcos is the Far South Austin office:
BeneVida Health & Wellness Center
4100 Everett, Suite 200
Kyle, TX 78640