Childbirth classes are an excellent way to access accurate information about home birth preparation, labor, birth, post-partum and newborn care. They provide an opportunity for parents to focus on the pregnancy together while making connections with other expectant families.

Genevieve and the Sisters Midwifery staff are available to offer guidance in scheduling classes, but below are suggestions as to what classes may be beneficial.


Class Suggestions

Class 1: How the body works during pregnancy, labor and birth. This involves muscles, bones, hormones, etc.
Class 2: Labor, how it starts, how the support people can help, how we manage fear and work towards calm.
Class 3: What birth is like, how to prepare your home for welcoming your baby there and what normal and abnormal looks like. What happens if we need to transport to a hospital?
Class 4: Breastfeeding.  So many new parents make lots of preparations for the labor and birth, the nursery, etc. and don’t know a whole lot about breastfeeding. We will go in depth so that you aren’t surprised by much when it happens to you!