caring guidance and calm presence

I have known Genevieve since I was pregnant with my daughter Laurel, 12 years ago, just a new midwife myself. I remember when she talked with interest of being a midwife, but very few people who talk of midwifery actually become midwives. Genevieve did and she is a good one! Although she did not apprentice with me, I have had the pleasure to be at births with her; her caring guidance and calm presence is lovely to witness. She is great at explaining things to families in a no nonsense way, but she is extremely gentle in her manner. Genevieve is full of knowledge and skill and desire to help families have grounded, safe, and peaceful births as they bring their new baby into this world. You will not be disappointed with the care your family will receive. I have always had deep respect for Genevieve and the more time I spend with her, the more I know she deserves it.

Christy Tashjian, RN, CPM, LM
MotherBloom Midwifery Service, Austin, TX