supportive and encouraging

From our very first consultation, my husband and I felt connected to Genevieve. She has a calm, low-key demeanor that fit our personalities and made us feel immediately at home. As first time parents, we had a lot of questions about what was to come. Throughout our experience with Genevieve –at prenatal appointments, birth classes, the birth itself, and postpartum care – she patiently answered our questions and made us feel at ease with her quiet confidence.

After our birth, I struggled with breastfeeding. Genevieve came to our house multiple times (including on a holiday!) to provide the support, encouragement, and expertise I needed to establish a successful nursing relationship with my child.

Genevieve trusts women’s bodies to do the work of labor and instills that same confidence in her clients. Her love and respect for her clients and their families comes through in everything she does. I am so thankful she was a part of our story.




Sarah, Neal and Harvey